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Sometimes you actually connect

Over this weekend, I made a connection with a smart and humble person of the younger generation. It is rare that I connect with anyone, and almost never do I connect with someone I've ne'er even met. But on this weekend. I feel like I made a connection. I of course have this affliction for technology and gadgets. Arguably un healthy at times. I felt like I may have met a guy who understands the tech disease that I have. He just happens to be a great deal younger. It is fantastic to see someone who's future looks so bright and he actually is so humble as to listen to what this old guy has to say. I was so taken back and impressed with this, and hope that we are able to keep in touch. The more amazing thing was this great conversation took place with little technology around us. Assateague island on the beach of all places. Making a friend can happen in the strangest of places And where we least expect them to.

A weekend in Miami

Homestead Gardens Tomato Festival