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A weekend in Miami

I would never had guessed that I'd spend a weekend in Miami Fla, serving up to 3000 kids Ham n Cheese Sandwiches and Bagels all hours of the night and into the morning of Sunday but this is the food service business. No matter what makes you think you've seen it all, along comes another un expected curve ball.

We actually worked late into the night last night setting up the sandwiches and getting everything prepared for the truck to move to the athletic field this afternoon/evening. It is my hope that the weather which has been nothing but thunderstorms here, improves over the next 24 hours at least. While not too likely, I can always have hope. This little component down south here was an addition to my district this past August, and added 3 more to my responsibilities. Like Colorado, it is of course a great length from all of my other business, and flying has once again been added to my monthly routines.

This weekend however has me wondering a bit about my own tenure once again with those of whom I am employed with. I am now split between 2 Vice Presidents, and coming off a year where I'd made many mistakes most of which I could have controlled, but simply did not think through very well. At any rate I feel like I am in the most fragile of positions in which I have ever held in the 13+ years I have spent with this company. These past several weeks too have been a whirlwind that has kept me very occupied and away from Cookenstein, as well thoughts of the future of this particular site among others that I spend arguably a great deal of my online time with. Could this be the last version??  

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