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It is not often I write about a website but this one deserves the attention and maybe more than it gets.

Cookster, is a site that has great and loft goals of making itself the place to go for both recipes and cookbooks on the net. Once you set up an account, your page on the site is easy to customize and ad recipes, make favorites and even access books in ways that maybe you never had before.

Cookster also has a real team of foodies, both nutritional experts, dietitians and Chefs that analyze the recipes for maximum content and information being displayed to you. This is not just a recipe site. It is a true meal planning guide. And if you are  Mac or Apple gadget user, the books available from Cookster are in the Ibook store for easy access. 

I have arguably not spent enough time on this site, and need to delve even depper than what I have done thus far. Cookster is worth the visit.

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