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Ipad 2 and the hooks in me

So, here it is barely a year later actually 9-10 months to be more exact, and we have a second rev of the Ipad.

I use the above image, to show what many thought this device would look like about the same time in January, February of 2010. But what has happened is that this thing is quickly becoming universal, and other tech companies are struggling to really get into the fight with it. While Samsungs galaxy tab is certainly a good contender, and the new Xoom model from Motorola and of course HP, and RIM are still scratching their heads as to where to start, the Ipad keeps surging forward and with plenty of momentum.

It ships this coming Friday and I am heavily considering replacing my first IPad. It is simply a much improved communications device, with greater power for future apps and services.

It will keep Apple on the forfront of Tablet sales for certain into 2012. While there are many under the hood improvements, the device on it's front looks much the same as the original, but thats where it stops, speed, video, weight/heft ease of use features are certainly all things that make this a great buy, and still one of the "less" expensive options on the market. Which for Apple is nothing short of amazing.

As Apple becomes more a part of the home consumer market in media (it pretty much owns it these days) I am closely watching how they do business. The updates to the IP2 are not huge, however just enough to keep em ahead of all others. Androids honeycomb OS really looks great, and if Samsung gets a hold of this soon, I can see them becoming a viable competitor before years end, however at this time, that is all they will become for 2011. 

The year of the IP2, as Steve Jobs has stated, has just begun.


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