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Lunch with Dad

It's been many months since I've been on the Loading dock, but today seemed to warrant a note. Time with my Dad just never seems to be enough. It never ceases to amaze me as to his intelligence of the things happening around us and his interests in other countries.  I hope that I can carry a tablespoon of his wisdom into my old age.

Another bonus to today was having lunch with Kelly as well. We ate at a little place called Punks Grille in Annapolis. The three of us just always seem to click. We talked about the goings on in the entertainment world of today, and the Charlie Sheen "world' that seems to rule the airwaves, to Egypt, Lybia, and how we consume media in general.

Of course family, and some history always blends into these conversations. Hopefully later this evening, and rounding out the day will be a nice dinner with Tami in Annapolis tonight. It's been a good day, and it's nice to be back here too. 

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