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Driving into Summer

The hot days of summer are around the corner. I'm already feeling it in the humid state that is MD. In my travels that take me to DC, VA, and FLA of course it's even hotter the further south we go. We have fortunately had some great rains, that have really helped my second garden recently planted in the past couple of weeks. This years, garden more simple. In other words, if I get this one right, or most everything grows properly, I'll try and expand on it maybe next year.

Roma Tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Scallions, Chives, Lavender, Sunflowers, Basil, Fennell, Spinach, Arugula, Carrots.

I am not sure why I put the root vegetable in there, but last year, nothing came from the carrot portion of the Garden, so I have better hope this being much closer to the planting time table according to the Farmers Almanac. A great resource by the way. 


May Flowers

Proud of Sis