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Took a long Winter break

It's been many months since I've been on the Loading dock. Since then, (November 2011's last post)  I have traveled thousands of miles. The New Ipda recently came out, and the Retina display is georgeous, and another cool thing about the display, it makes the Iphone apps of the Ipad decent looking int 2x full page!

In fact almost normal. I have yet to take advantage of the camera, but feel like it is worth the upgrade if you are coming from the Ipad 1. Which I was. My wonderful sweetheart will soon be getting he suprise in the coming week. As for restaurants, I am enjoying Rocco's Pizza Lounge in South Miami's Dadeland area. That rather off kind of hip looking dark place has great thin crust pizza's, and pasta's and the salads ( especially the Arugula Salad is awesome.

I was recently considering walking away from Cookenstein, I really am unsure of what to do with it. So for the the two of you that actually read it, your suggestions would be great! I can't believe I am going to be mowing the lawn on March 31st today!

Ancestry, Family and the Civil War