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Ancestry, Family and the Civil War

  All of the above, I have had a facination with over the years and have dabbled in trying to improve my knowledge of as well support of my family. That is always an ongoing and oftentimes area that stumbles. I am currently reading a book on the Civil war, "1861 The Civil War awakening".  I am listening to it using

This week has me getting my Ebay page working and purging some of the old, and catching up on all of my outdated material. It's amazing how much useless crap I have posted out there ( this included). This week also brings me ever closer to father times middle age ( pretty much there) as I will be hitting 48 this coming week.

The Ancestry component, like all else has been something I have been loosely looking into as well. My aunts were very helpful getting me a far cry more bit of info than I could have hoped for.  I do recommend, however state emphatically that this site while very useful, does not do ALL the work. You have to do some leg work in order to get some success. The price is worth it considering the backwork that has to go into this line of service.

Like all else, I'll be working on this off and on,, forever?? 

A Hot Summer Break

Took a long Winter break