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Services I'd like to provide

The following are areas that I think may have a demand... 

* In home install and set up of new PC's or Mac's, this includes setting up printers,      -and connecting the client to their local internet provider. 

* In home trouble shooting services, for locked or non working pc's *charge per visit. 

* Anti Virus prevention services

* In home Data back up services, and solutions

* Annual/Pre annual/Quarterly Service, Maintenance plans 

* Home Networking solutions, to include Home Television and set top box solutions. Also PC, buying solutions.  

If you believe any of the above would be a service you'd like to have provided or a family member whom would benefit from these services, please let me know.. In the Next Post, I will speak in detail as to the service, relationship aspect of the above solutions.  



Welcome to my Market Research Posts Part 1